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Watch ‘GOING SOUTH’ , Elson Kambalu short film

Going South is a short fictitious film inspired by real xenophobic events that took place recently in South Africa. The short film follows up on a young man as he prepares for his maiden trip to South Africa in search for new opportunities Please follow link below   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4DRGvSLsj0


elson kambalu sculptures detail

sculpt 5 (2)




going south, an elson kambalu short film

‘Going South” was inspired by the xenophobic events that took place recently in South Africa. In this short film, Monte, a young Malawian man is getting ready for his first trip to South Africa, in search for greener pastures. The film simply centers around the last days before departure. Directed by myself, ‘Going South’ recently won two awards at the just ended Lilongwe Shorts, the Malawi International Short Film Festival 2015. Below is link to the trailer. Will be posting the full film shortly.     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQRwe4gE9fE

‘Drawing from the deep’ photograph elson kambalu malawi africa

lake 5

Drawing from the deep. Pic by Elson Kambalu. young woman drawing water from Lake Malawi


Malawian Artist, Elson Kambalu, paints ‘Falling Angel’ for CNN African Voices

I was to paint for the cameras when they were filming my art documentary for CNN African Voices.

I wanted to present something different- like a mystery, an enigma. I wanted to show the world the unique side of me, something , I think, the world has never seen before. And so, I settled for this theme, and painted “the falling angel”

The session took me two hours, and I felt proud…….

Elson Kambalu’s sculptures and Installations

Sculpture, Kafukufuku man

Sculpture, Kafukufuku man

Sculpture 2, Kafukufuku woman

Sculpture 2, Kafukufuku woman

Sculpture 2, Kafukufuku man with model

Sculpture 2, Kafukufuku man with model

London Exhibition, cameras before Kafukufuku man and woman

London Exhibition, cameras before Kafukufuku man and woman

With BBC Presenter, Sophie Ikenye

With BBC Presenter, Sophie Ikenye

The boy with very coarse hands

Little girls playing at Game Complex, Lilongwe, Malawi

Little girls playing at Game Complex, Lilongwe, Malawi

We met at Game stores complex, in Lilongwe, Malawi, him with two assistants, pushing filled up trollies. A chubby happy face that I could not recognise, but my guess was he was into blue collar jobs. He had been the first to call after me, addressing me as ‘Gedion’, the name I last used some 30 years back. That was interesting. That told me one thing, that he was someone I knew from the past.

‘Do you recognise me?’

I was blank. I shook my head, slowly, encouraging him to remind me. The two assistants, with their filled up trollies, stopped, and were watching with interest. Then he extended his hand to me. I raised mine and held his.

Surprisingly his hands were coarse in sharp contrast to the soft face

‘Do you remember me?’

Yes, I did.

The hands. Something about the hands. An incident. Something about a boy who was severely punished by his father for stealing 10 cents whilst he was away. I still remember a ball of fire, in pitch darkness, on the hands of this boy, crying out to my mama to untie him. His hands were tied together with pieces of twigs and grass and then set alight as a way of punishing him…

He was smiling, cruising, catching up on stories. But no story was loud enough than the one which his hands spoke…

Introducing my two daughters to music, in Lilongwe, Malawi, Africa

In a country where formal art education barely exists; In a country where a girl child remains vulnerable and is deprived of opportunities; In a country where a girl child’s birth is mildly celebrated as opposed to a boy child; In a country where the past saw only boys being given opportunities to obtain education as opposed to girls whose role were destined for the kitchen and to be their husbands assistants, life is slowly changing. In this picture, captured at home, in Lilongwe, Malawi, my two daughters, Savannah and Samtaya, being introduced to music by a very young upcoming artist, Jaco Jana, one of the few privileged musicians to attend a music crossroads academy.

Elson Aaron Kambalu paints for a hotel in Mzuzu City, Malawi, Africa

They needed original artworks and I gave them 80 pieces of my heart….

The most beautiful pot in the world

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